Last Updated: 12/22/2010

Gary Aden

Affiliation/Institution: Pacific Nanotechnology
Email: GaryAden@aol.com

University prior to coming to ASU: UCLA
Status at ASU: Ph.D., Chemistry, 1981
Time period at ASU: 1975 - 1981

My family and myself

Name of spouse/partner - Laura

   RN, MCBE, + 3 teaching credentials.

   Currently substitute teaching the Belmont Redwood Shores school district

Names, birth dates of children, and their activities

   Barbara Aden 12/16/80

      Graduated High School, attends part time College of San Mateo

      Works full time for Longs Drug Store

      Lives on her own in Belmont, CA

   Danny Aden 7/5/82

      Graduated BS Computer Engineering Cal Poly SLO 2004

      Works for Electronic Arts (EA Games) R&D group, Redwood Shores, CA

      Lives in Redwood City with Melissa

   Mary Aden 6/3/87

      Currently in 3rd year Art school at Cal Poly SLO

      Works for Cal Poly Business office

      Lives in San Luis Obispo, CA

Current and/or former positions and duties

      Staff Scientist, Rockwell Hanford Operations, Washington - 1980-1982

      Staff Scientist, Princeton Gamma Tech, New Jersey - 1982-1984

      Staff Scientist, VP R&D & President Kevex Corporation, California- 1984-1991

      CEO TopoMetrix Corporation, California 1991-1996

      CEO Park/ThermoMircoscopes, California 1996-2001

      CEO Pacific Nanotechnology, California 2001 - present

Other info.

      Active with the Boy Scouts & Venturing program

      www.V27.org & www.v27.org/hamradio.asp

      Active with the Amateur Radio Emergency Service


Contact information: phone number(s), home and/or work addresses, email

addresses, etc.


   Pacific Nanotechnology

   3350 Scott Blvd. #29

   Santa Clara, CA 95054

   tel 408-982-9492

   e-mail: gaden@pacificnano.com

   website: www.pacificnano.com

7 * M Research Group at Arizona State University