Last Updated: 12/19/2008 from 1997 Newsletter

Jung Ho Ahn

Email: junghahn@chungbuk.ac.kr

University prior to coming to ASU: University of Michigan
Status at ASU: Postdoc
Time period at ASU: 1986 - 1990

My family and myself

Since 1994 Jung Ho has been Assistant Professor at Chungbuk National University in Cheongju, located at the center of South Korea, following four years at the Korea Ocean Research & Development Institute (KORDI). "I am now doing HRTEM research on carbonaceous materials as well as various silicate minerals in Korean metamorphic rocks and minerals (getting patriotic at last). I am involved in several committees in the university and in many geo-logical societies, and I am on the editorial board for three Korean scientific journals (mineralogy, petrology, geology). Normally I teach 12 to 14 hours per week and miss old times at ASU with no teaching load and full research load." Despite this burden, Jung Ho has recently connected to the Internet and has started to spend time regularly checking college football and basketball scores. Although upset by Michigan's record last year, he was heartened by the Sun Devils' Rose Bowl appearance (al-though not the final two minutes of the game).

Jung Ho is married to Sang-Nim Kim (Ahn) and they have three children: Freddie (13), Teddie (10), and Andrew (6). "Freddie entered junior high school this year, and Teddie and Andrew are in the fifth and first grades, respectively. They each have their own characters. Freddie wanted to be an ambulance driver, but now wants to be a physicist (not geologist!). Teddie wanted to be a tree when he grew up, but recently changed his mind to botanist. Andrew left Tempe when he was about six months old, but he always emphasized to everybody that he lived at America, so he was extremely happy when America won many gold medals at the Atlanta Olympics. He has not decided about his future, but we think that he is likely to be a politician or businessman. San-Nim is always busy taking care of the four children (including the big one), but she finds time to serve the community as a counselor for the school and juvenile prison. She had a license as a pharmacist, and recently was pleased to pass the exam to get a license as a special pharmacist handling herbal medicine."

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