Last Updated: 12/19/2008 from 1997 Newsletter

Fred Allen

University prior to coming to ASU: Harvard University
Status at ASU: Postdoc
Time period at ASU: 1984 - 1987

My family and myself

The highly varied challenges of Englehard Industries, a large conglomerate, have called on the wide range of Fred's analytical and crystallographic skills. He is a Research Associate in the Strategic Technologies group working on syn-thesis, characterization, and evaluation of cata-lysts, clay pigments, and other nanomaterials. Fred is a coinventor of Engelhard's PremairTM technology designed to reduce ground level ozone, which is based on manganese oxide materials. He is developing materials to trap SOx from gas streams, working on developing novel nanomaterials for electronic applications, etc. He is also supervising the probe and microscopy areas as well as thermal analysis. Fred serves on Engelhard's Innovation Leader-ship Council. Finally, he is president of his synagogue's Men's Club, runs 10-15 miles/week, plays with his kids and spends a minute or two with his wife when all else is done. "Life is good!" Fred is married to Barbara and has two children: Eve, 8, likes to draw and paint; Emma, 5, likes to clown around.

7 * M Research Group at Arizona State University