Last Updated: 11/30/2010

John Armstrong
Email: jarmstro@american.edu

University prior to coming to ASU: Loyola University
Status at ASU: Ph.D., Chemistry, 1978
Time period at ASU:

My family and myself

The following update is from an email in 2009 when John and Peter Buseck were both scheduled to speak in the aerosol session at AGU in December on individual particle analysis:

Things are going absolutely wonderfully at the Geophysical Lab. My equipment is great, the folks are fantastic, the research we're doing is fascinating, and I love working with and teaching the great group of students and post-docs that come through the lab.

I'm keeping pretty busy. In addition to full time at the Geophysical Lab I'm still teaching a class or two each semester in the chemistry department at American U. I hold an adjunct research professorship there and have wound up teaching physical chem., advanced physical chem., advanced inorganic chem., analytical chem., instrumental analysis, and some special topics courses over the years, in addition to a number of stints at gen. chem. and our earth science overview course.

I also regularly teach a liberal arts "introduction to astronomy and planetary science" course at the east coast extension campus of Pepperdine University. Yes they do have a DC campus -- a beautiful new multistory building on Pennsylvania Ave., just down the street from the IMF building near GWU. (The Pepperdine DC students are all spending a semester or two interning for at Congress, State Dept., Supreme Court and the like and take a couple of courses at night.) I really enjoy doing an "appreciation of the universe" course and it's fun (and educational!) interacting with the astronomy folks like Alan Boss at DTM.

At AU I'm teaching instrumental analysis and running a research methods course for our new chem grad students. My management at GL really likes the tie-in connection to AU and I'm starting to get grad students from there working on projects with me at the Lab. My chemistry lectures are all at 5:30 in the evening and AU is only a 10 minute drive from the GL/DTM campus, so it works out quite well.

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