Last Updated: 12/19/2008 from 1997 Newsletter

Ignatius Chan

University prior to coming to ASU: U. Virginia
Status at ASU: Postdoc
Time period at ASU: 1979 - 1982

My family and myself

Ignatius took his materials science background to Chevron Research and Technology Company in 1982 (NOTE: not Exxon, as incorrectly reported in the previous 7*M newsletter. Sorry, Ignatius). "Chevron R&T (CRTC) is located in Richmond, CA, about 15 miles northeast of San Francisco. I am the team leader for the Materials Characterization team within the Analytical Sciences Department. We handle microscopy, microprobe, XPS, XRD, particle sizing, etc. In addition to the administrative stuff, I still spend hands-on time on the microscopes. My other title is Staff Scientist (corporate America is getting smaller all the time and everyone has multiple responsibilities). All the research work has to do with refining petroleum or, as they call it, processing of hydrocarbons, from making gasoline to plastics to asphalt.

"On the personal front, Marie and I are celebrating our 10th anniversary in September with our two daughters Alicia (4) and Kaelin (2) as of December." The Chan family lives in Novato, CA, which is 20 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge, just outside the wine country of Sonoma and Napa. According to Ignatius, the earth there shakes once in a while but the weather is fantastic and the food and wine are wonderful.


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