Last Updated: 1/9/2009

Melanie Channon

Affiliation/Institution: Caltech
Phone: 626-395-6145
Email: mchannon@caltech.edu
  Caltech GPS Division 
  Mail Code 170-25 
  Pasadena CA  91125 USA

University prior to coming to ASU: Southern Connecticut State University
Status at ASU: Undergrad
Time period at ASU: 2004-2007

My family and myself
Husband/Wife: Mike Newman - attorney at Paul Hastings specializing in employment law (ERISA).
Children: Voondie (German Pinscher) - 3, Sidra (Whippet) 3, DeeDee (German Pinscher -Voondie's mom) 5

Currently a PhD candidate in geochemistry at Caltech. My advisers are John Eiler and Ed Stolper. Presently researching oxygen isotopes in martian meteorites to constrain petrogenesis of martian magmas.


7 * M Research Group at Arizona State University