Last Updated: 12/19/2008 from 1997 Newsletter

John Copp

University prior to coming to ASU: Texas A&M
Status at ASU: M.S., Geology, 1981

My family and myself

John extended the work he did at ASU on soil Hg geochemistry at the Coso volcanic field by working as a geochemist in the geother-mal fields of California for Union Oil Co. In 1987 he moved to California Energy Company, Inc. (CECI), and in 1991 he became Chief Geol-ogist. CECI's geothermal group is headquartered in Ridgecrest, CA, just a half hour away from the Coso field, where John plays a major role in the development of the field, which powers 240 MWs worth of turbines from 9 modular power plants. His position requires direct attention to all of CECI's projects, which include exploration in the Cascades and developments at Desert Peak, Nevada and Roosevelt Hot Springs, Utah.

John's wife Peggy has a background in music and plays the French horn and piano up and down the length of the eastern Sierras. They like to spend their vacations traveling and camping, and the girls (Gretchen, 9, and Phoebe, 7) seem to like it as much as they do. Their trips usually take them to the coast or other forested areas.

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