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Tony Eggleton

Email: Tony.Eggleton@anu.edu.au

University prior to coming to ASU: Australia National University
Status at ASU: Visiting scientist
Time period at ASU: 1979

My family and myself

-Name of spouse/partner


-Names, birth dates of children, and their activities

Rachel and Cate, well- grown-up, each with two kids, living close by so we are a well-connected mob and have ample opportunity to grand-parent!

-Your current and/or former position and duties

Retired and enjoying it. Enough office space at the Australian National University to keep books and samples, not enough to have it eyed greedily by potential invaders . Sporadically doing research into the origin of bauxite, concerned about climate, investigating clays.

-Special activities, honors, awards, imprisonments, etc.

Currently building a parking station for grandson.

According to the family imprisoned by this computer.

-Contact information: phone number(s), home and/or work addresses, email addresses, etc.

Details below.


Emeritus Professor Richard A. Eggleton

Visiting Fellow
Department of Earth and Marine Sciences (Building 47)
Australian National University
ACT 0200
Fax +61 2 6125 5544
Home Ph 6251 1467

7 * M Research Group at Arizona State University