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Ed Holdsworth

Affiliation/Institution: SEMTEC Laboratories, Inc.
Phone: 602-276-6138
Email: edsworth@aol.com
  SEMTEC Laboratories, Inc. 
  5025 South 33rd Street 
  Phoenix Arizona  85040 USA
Web page: incomplete

University prior to coming to ASU: ASU
Status at ASU: BS Chemistry, technician in Chem Dept
Time period at ASU: Employed 1969-1976

My family and myself

Husband/Wife: Although I was married for about 75 years, it's just me now.
Children: Children??? Do you know something I don't??
Since graduating or leaving ASU...  I started SEMTEC and it has pretty much been my life since. In the early 80's we set up an affiliate company called Fiberquant Analytical, run by Dr. Larry Pierce, whom I had met at ASU. In 2008, Fiberquant became an independent corporation, still run by Larry. They analyze materials for the presence of asbestos using both optical and electron microscopy. Both Larry and I are proud of the fact that we have run out respective companies without having to lay off employees for lack of work. Although SEMTEC has not been making huge amounts of money, I am happy to report that for several years now we have made more profits than GM and Ford put together!

Personal activities such as hobbies, memberships, etc  Drinking wine/learning about wine/storing some wine/talking about wine. Also being a ski patroller. At 66 I'm the oldest sled-hauling patroller at Sunrise Ski area.

Professional activities, current and past
 Trying to run SEMTEC; that's enough.

Awards, honors, or other accomplishments or achievements  I've been honored to be associated with a large number of very interesting people over quite a few years now, and many of them have been kind enough to share knowledge and experiences with me.

Following graduation, I entered the USArmy and was lucky enough to be stationed at the Nuclear Defense Laboratory at Edgewood Arsenal, MD. At that assignment, I learned the basics of operating an electron microprobe (EMP). With even greater luck, my civilian lab chief was an acquantence of Dr. Eyring, Chairman of the Chemistry Dept. as ASU. Over a game of tennis, my lab chief asked Dr. Eyring if he had use of someone trained in running an EMP and who had already been in the military. As there were only maybe two of us world wide, I was hired. After 8 interesting years, I founded SEMTEC so that I could be the president of something. The chemistry department had declined to make me the department head.
Nope, that's about it. Although I did develop physical evidence that assisted in exonerating a person charged with a double homicide. That was kinda cool.

7 * M Research Group at Arizona State University