Last Updated: 12/19/2008 from 1997 Newsletter

Karen Katrinak

Email: katrinak@umac.org

University prior to coming to ASU: Brown University
Status at ASU: Ph.D., Geology, 1992

My family and myself

Karen is Manager, Natural Materials Analytical Research Laboratory, Ener-gy & Environmental Research Center (EERC), Univ. of ND. The lab she manages has three SEMs, two XRF units, a powder x-ray dif-fractometer, and an Auger/XPS/SIMS surface analysis instrument. "This lab is one of several at the EERC. In addition to management duties, I am involved in research on trace element occurrences in coal and ash. I am learning to operate their Physical Electronics 595 Auger/XPS/SIMS instrument. It is challenging but interesting. I have become pretty good at Auger spectroscopy but still need to work on the other techniques. Other activities include serving as the unofficial recycling coordinator for my department. Two years ago we expanded our in-house recycling program and now hold annual "waste audits" to monitor progress. This involves getting 10-15 volunteers together on a Saturday morning to sort 2 days worth of garbage produced by about 200 employees. Some people actually seem to like doing this. We always have the waste audit in the winter so that they have the least-smelly garbage possible." Karen is married to Ron Matheney (Ph.D., ASU, 1989), who is an Associate Professor of Geology at Univ. of N. Dakota. "In my spare time I enjoy gardening (during our 4-5 non-frozen months) and music. I play the double bass in the community orchestra and take music courses at the Univ. of N. Dakota. Any 7*Mers (current or former) who are in the Grand Forks area for major conferences or any other reason are welcome to call or stop by. My guest room is always open."

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