Last Updated: 12/26/2008 from 1997 Newsletter

Lindsay P. Keller

Email: lindsay.p.keller@nasa.gov
  Mail Code KR 
  NASA Johnson Space Center 
  Houston TX  77058 USA

University prior to coming to ASU: North Dakota State University
Status at ASU: Ph.D., Geology, 1989
Time period at ASU: 1985-1989

My family and myself

Husband/Wife: I'm single at the moment!
Children: Emily 18, Kurt 17

Lindsay did a post-doc at NASA after leaving ASU and then joined John Bradley at MVA, Inc. in Atlanta (1993-2000). In 2000, he became a scientist at NASA in Houston and is doing basic research on interplanetary dust particles, meteorites and lunar samples using TEM. He was a member of the science team for the Stardust mission which returned samples of comet dust to Earth. In addition to his research, he manages the Electron Beam Analysis Labs at JSC (TEMs, FIB, SEMs, probe).

7 * M Research Group at Arizona State University