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Steve Kissin

Email: stephen.kissin@lakeheadu.ca

University prior to coming to ASU: Lakehead University
Status at ASU: Visiting scientist
Time period at ASU: 1981 - 1982

My family and myself

I have never achieved exit velocity from Lakehead University, so now I am in my 35th year teaching. Mandatory retirement went out a few years ago, but I still had some projects on my plate and had not considered what to do on retirement in any case. In more recent years, my research interests have been in regional geology of the Lake Superior region, meteorites and impacts and ore deposit topics. Involvement with the discovery of the ejecta layer from the Sudbury impact event in the Thunder Bay area has seemed to be a real career capper.

Margaret retired several years ago as a radiographer, but keeps busy walking the dog and worrying about the kids. My son Saul is now engaged and living in New York where he is a psychiatric nurse. He is also completing studies to become a nurse practioner. Our daughter Alexei is a speech pathologist working this year for the Austin, Minnesota School Board. Where is Austin, MN you may ask? South of the Twin Cities and the place where Spam (the meat product) is made. Saul had worked for seven years at nearby Rochester for the Mayo Foundation, until romance drew him away.

I am currently department chair for the second go-around, with a year and a half to go. I am planning on retirement in 2013. I belong to a cycling club and do a lot of that. I would like to do more fishing, but never seem to have the time now.

7 * M Research Group at Arizona State University