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Mike Klosterman

Phone: 703-437-4119
Email: maklosterman@yahoo.com

University prior to coming to ASU: University of Missouri
Status at ASU: M.S., Geology, 1972
Time period at ASU:

My family and myself

I am still with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. In 2004, I was promoted from Chief Geologist of the Corps to Deputy Chief of the South Atlantic Regional Team. I still keep my fingers in geology, but now I mostly manage the bureaucracy and try to keep projects moving. It is often scary to see how our government really works. I am responsible for a lot of harbor projects and beach restoration along the East and Gulf coasts as well as locks and dams in the Southeast. I am also involved with the Everglades environmental restoration work. Although I was not engaged with the New Orleans repairs, I am responsible for hurricane restoration work along the Gulf Coast. I have worked for the federal government since 1971 and am looking toward retirement and maybe a new career. Mary Anne is still teaching 5th grade at St. Luke's in McLean, Virginia. My three children are spread out across the globe: our oldest, Colleen, is a new mom of our first grandchild, Sean, in Bethlehem, PA; Anne is an estate attorney in Seattle; and our youngest, John, is on the flight crew of a KC135 with the Air Force stationed near Cambridge, England. We try to visit them all each year as shown in the picture below at Mt. Rainier.


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