Last Updated: 12/19/2008 from 1997 Newsletter

Judy Konnert

Status at ASU: Visiting scientist
Time period at ASU: 1982 - 1983

My family and myself

Judy returned to the USGS in Reston, VA after her stay at ASU. She worked for a while with Howard Evans doing crystal structure analysis and adapting crystallography programs to the Survey's work stations. "After Howard retired, I landed a job with the ISD (computer center) as a full-time systems administrator for the Internet servers (web, ftp, email, etc.). I had learned enough Unix dealing with the various computers for crystallography and the probe and SEM to be familiar with many of the requirements of this job. I find the work interesting and enjoy it, but miss doing science more than I thought I would. I still have the same spouse and kids, but the kids are grown up. Tracy graduated from U.Va. in '93, got a master's degree in exercise physiology, worked as director of corporate fitness for a major law firm in Manhattan, and got married last spring. Tim graduated from Wooster (in Ohio) where he was a biology major with a special interest in marine biology. He is working as a volunteer in the Nat'l Biological Survey (now part of the USGS) studying the effects of water pollution on the endocrine systems of fresh-water fish. He is planning to apply to graduate school for next fall."

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