Last Updated: 2/26/2009

Dante Lauretta

Affiliation/Institution: University of Arizona
Phone: 520 626 1138
Email: lauretta@lpl.arizona.edu
  Lunar and Planetary Laboratory 
  1629 E. University Blvd. 
  Tucson AZ  85721 USA
Web page: http://www.lpl.arizona.edu/~jgoreva/groupwebpage/

University prior to coming to ASU: Washington University
Status at ASU: Postdoc
Time period at ASU: 1997-2001

My family and myself

Husband/Wife: M. Katherine Crombie - Owner - Indigo Information Services
Children: Xander and Griffin
Since graduating or leaving ASU...  Promoted to Associate Professor - 2006 Ph.D. Students: Fred Ciesla (Ph.D. 2003) Matthew Pasek (Ph.D. 2006) Jade Bond (Ph.D. 2008)

Professional activities, current and past
 Meteorite Hunter, Antarctic Search for Meteorites (2002-2003)

Awards, honors, or other accomplishments or achievements  Kavli Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences (2008) Award of Excellence Top 10 Oral Presentation AAPG Annual Convention (2008) UA College of Science Distinguished Early Career Teaching Award (2006) Top 100 Science Discoveries - Discover Magazine (2004) The Alfred O. Nier Prize of the Meteoritical Society (2002)

7 * M Research Group at Arizona State University