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Weijun Li

Affiliation/Institution: Shandong University
Phone: +86-13164207639
Email: liweijun.atmos@gmail.com
  Environment Research Institute, Shandong University 
  Jinan Shandong province  , 250100 P.R. China
Web page: http://www.hj.sdu.edu.cn/

University prior to coming to ASU: China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing)
Status at ASU: Visiting Scholar
Time period at ASU: 09/12/2007-03/12/2009

My family and myself

Husband/Wife: Hua yu, She is working as a postdoc. in in China medical plant research center.

Personal activities such as hobbies, memberships, etc  Running, Hiking

Professional activities, current and past
 I am intereting in atmospheric chemistry, particularly, aerosol particles in air. I am studying aerosol particles collected in brown hazes over northern China. This study in ASU is being sponsored by Prof. Peter Buseck. In future, I am going on aerosol reseach through some other bulk methods, such as PIXE, ICP-MS, and IC.

I am intersting in atmoshperic chemistry. I mainly study the individual aerosol particles in troposphere. I try to understand the properties of aerosol particles using transmission electron microscopy and scanning electron microscopy over China. The work will be helpful to understand the aging of long-range transport aerosols, and their health, regional and global effects.
Welcome all the memebers in 7STARM to visit China. Please contact me anytime. I try my best to be a good guider.

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