Last Updated: 11/24/2010

Clarence Menninga

Affiliation/Institution: Calvin College, Professor of Geology, Emeritus
Phone: (home): 616-956-9046
Email: menn@calvin.edu
  2155 Radcliff Ave SE 
  Grand Rapids, 
   MI  49546 

University prior to coming to ASU: Calvin College
Status at ASU: Visitor
Time period at ASU: 1981 – 1983

My family and myself

I was part of the 7*M group at ASU as a visiting professor during academic year 1981-82 and summer 1983, working on aspects of the airborne particulate study of the Phoenix area. Among other things, I made many runs of the dust collector array stretching from Sun City to Apache Junction.

After retiring from full time teaching at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, I participated in archeological excavation of the ancient city of Abila during five summer seasons: 1992, ‘94,’96,’98, and ’99. Abila was a city of the Decapolis, in northern Jordan, about 3 km from the Yarmouk River bounding Jordan and Syria. I was first a volunteer, then an area supervisor, excavating an early Christian church. The results have been published in Near Eastern Archeology 67, 40-49 (March 2004).

I continue to occupy shared office space at Calvin College, as an interested and sometimes useful ex-member of the Geology Dept. I occasionally give a seminar talk for the department, and I have presented a couple of seminar lectures for the wider community: a lecture on the “Geology of the Dead Sea Region” presented in connection with a Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit at the public museum in Grand Rapids in 2003, and a lecture on the “Geology of Petra, Jordan” presented in connection with a Petra exhibition held on the campus of Calvin College in 2005. Occasionally I teach a non-credit course in the Calvin Academy for Lifelong Learning (CALL, a senior citizen educational program).

Irene (Van Prooyen) and I celebrated our 61st wedding anniversary this year (2010). We continue to enjoy good health, and both of us stay active physically and mentally. We have been escaping the harshness of Michigan winters by spending about three months in the warmer south, Florida or Arizona. Our oldest son died in 2007, from lung cancer, almost 57 years old. All of our children live within 200 miles of our home, so we see most of them quite regularly. One of our grandchildren lives in New York city; the others are also within that 200 mile radius. Several of our 13 grandchildren are married, and we have four great-grandchildren ranging in age from 5 years to 15 months.

7 * M Research Group at Arizona State University