Last Updated: 1/5/2009 from 1997 Newsletter

Max Otten

University prior to coming to ASU: Utrecht University
Status at ASU: Postdoc
Time period at ASU: 1983 1986

My family and myself

(.; 1986, PD) Max returned to his native Netherlands, where he was initially Manager of the Electron Optics Applications Laboratory for Philips electron microscopes. During reorganizations in 1990, Philips (called Centurion) lost two TEM applications specialists in the applications laboratory so I decided to go back to being a full-time application specialist (I had to spend too much time on being an application specialist anyway and the management got squeezed in). Since those days Philips Electron Optics has expanded considerably and now has sufficient capacity in the TEM group of the Applications Laboratory so I changed my job title (though Im still in the Applications Laboratory) to Application Software Coordinator. I handle the input into bug reporting and specification extension of the current microscope software; write the remote control software for the microscope (this used to be my hobby anyway); specify new software for current and future microscopes; and interact with outside compan-ies and people who write software that could be connected to the microscope to allow on-line control. Maxs wife Hetty is a certified translator (English <> Dutch) and is trying to establish her own business. Their son Gijs (6) recently started learning to read in elementary school.

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