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Karin Park

Email: kpark@asu.edu

University prior to coming to ASU:
Status at ASU: Program Coordinator for Dr. Buseck’s office, 1992-1997
Time period at ASU: 1980-present

My family and myself

After leaving 7*M I spent a summer at the University of Bergen in Norway. I worked in the ASU School of Life Sciences for the journal Evolution for about 10 years, but unfortunately the journal editorial function was taken over by a commercial publisher and our office closed. Since then I've been working part time at another journal, Environmental Sciences and Technology. However, that journal recently moved to Georgia Tech, so my job here will be ending in March 2009.
I'm also working on a Master's in Library Science through a distance learning program at the U of A and have about a year left. My goal when I finish is to work in a historical archive or special collections. This spring I'm doing an internship (about 10 hours a week) at the ASU library and also taking a class, so I stay busy.
I still live in Tempe with my husband, Charlie, and daughter Kristin, who is a junior in high school. My older daughter, Jamie, is attending U of A.
I remember my days with 7*M fondly and especially all the great people that made it such an interesting place to work. I'm happy to see that 7*M is as active as ever!

7 * M Research Group at Arizona State University