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Dana Perry

Email: perry.family@sbcglobal.net

University prior to coming to ASU: University of Arizona
Status at ASU: Ph.D., Chemistry, 2003

My family and myself

We have been in Chicago now for a little over two years, and we've all been doing about the same things for that time, although Ruth and Esther just keep growing!

I am an instructor in the Physical Sciences Department at Harold Washington College (http://faculty.ccc.edu/colleges/hwashington/physcience/), which is one of the City Colleges of Chicago, a district of seven community colleges within Chicago. I primarily teach chemistry courses, and I will also be teaching an introductory meteorology course starting in Spring 2007. We moved to Chicago primarily so Peter could go to graduate school. He is at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago (LSTC), working on a Ph.D. in New Testament, with the hopes of teaching at the seminary level after he finishes. He is moving right along, having already passed the language exams (Greek, Hebrew, and German) and the qualifying exams, and he is taking his last course this semester. In Spring 2007, he will take his field (or dissertation) exam, after which he will focus on writing his dissertation. His dissertation topic is on digressions in the book of Revelation.

Ruth is 6 years old and is in 1st grade. She thrives in school and really enjoys all areas, especially reading, writing stories, math, science, and music. She takes piano and ballet lessons outside of school. Esther is 3 years old and goes to the "school" (for 2 - 5 year olds) right across from Daddy's school. She has just started ballet lessons and likes to dance with and watch her big sister dance.

7 * M Research Group at Arizona State University