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Jim Rask

Affiliation/Institution: Shell E&P Co.
Phone: 985-727-2431
Email: jhrask@bellsouth.net
  657 Plantation Blvd 
  Mandeville LA  70448 

University prior to coming to ASU: Univ. of North Dakota & North Dakota State
Status at ASU: Ph.D., Geology, 1988
Time period at ASU: 1983 to 1988

My family and myself

Husband/Wife: Kelly
Children: Jimís daughter Hailee is in her second year at Tulane. She is going into science as well -- molecular biology. His son James is a junior in HS.

Personal activities such as hobbies, memberships, etc  Still running; most recently ran the 2009 Mardi Gras 1/2 marathon with fellow 7*M alumni, Lindsay Keller. Soccer coaching -- I've coached my son's team for several years.

Professional activities, current and past

Awards, honors, or other accomplishments or achievements  2008 Coach of the Year, Mandeville Soccer Club

Having obtained his MS and PhD at ASU with TEM research on relatively unusual Mn minerals, in 1988 Jim moved to Houston to join Shell Oil. His initial position was managing the SEM lab at the Bellaire Reseach Center.

In 1994 he made a major change and joined Shell's onshore Louisian operating division as a petrophysicist. At Shell the responsibilities of a petrophysicist include gathering and interpreting data from wells (many various sorts of well logging) and predicting the pressures and temperatures that will be encountered by wells to be drilled.

In 1997 he transferred to Shell's New Orleans office, where he remains today. His current title at Shell is "Senior Staff Petrophysical Engineer". In New Orleans Jim has served as petrophysicist for several deepwater exploration and development wells. He enjoys the excitement of following technically challenging offshore wells.

This year at work has been very interesting. It started out terrifically busy, working in support of several big deepwater wells; but then the BP disaster hit, and the moratorium, and consequently much less activity in the second half of the year.

The picture shows Jim on the Mandeville lake front (north shore of Lake Pontchartrain) with one of their greyhounds, Andy. They have two, the other is a smaller girl named Mary. With the kids getting independent, Kelly and Jim are now devoting a lot of attention to these dogs.

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