Last Updated: 1/5/2009 from 1997 Newsletter

Tom Sharp

Affiliation/Institution: Arizona State University
Email: tom.sharp@asu.edu

University prior to coming to ASU: Univ. Minnesota
Status at ASU: Ph.D., Geology, 1991

My family and myself

Tom is now a high-pressure mineralogist and TEM expert. As a Bavarian Beamter, he was at the core of the faculty at the Bayerisches Geoinstitut in Bayreuth, and built a great TEM lab with a Philips CM20-FEG (almost exactly like the new microscope in Tempe) which he ran. This past year Tom was hired as an Assistant Professor ďat one of my favorite Geology departmentsĒ (ASU). He will begin teaching at ASU in spring 1997 and is very excited about this. ďAt Bayreuth I supervised 4 PhD students in mineralogy, one of whom has just graduated! Another should be done soon and the other two have 1-2 years yet. I have become fluent in German, which is the language I used with the students (actually I have a slight Oberfraenkisch dialect). I have become an avid rock climber, bratwurst eater, and all around beer drinker. I go climbing with the German Alpine Club regularly. Although I have not been imprisoned yet (see ques-tionnaire), I have had some recent successes in my research on shock metamorphism and mantle mineralogy. I discovered the majorite-magnesiowustite assemblage in a shocked chondrite, which allowed my coauthors and me to estimate, for the first time, the P-T conditions of melt-vein crystallization during shock metamorphism. In a related project, my co-authors and I discovered the first example of a martensitic-like transformation of olivine to ringwoodite in the silicate system. Both reports appeared in Science in 1996. I also made a new discovery last week of MgSiO3-ilmenite and amorphized MgSiO3-perovskite in a shocked chondrite. Although these minerals are well known from high-pressure experimental studies, they have never before been found in nature."

Tomís wife Melanie (who some may remember as a former student worker with 7*M) is an administrative assistant in biochemistry as well as an English teacher at Universitaet Bayreuth. She also teaches English at home, which could cause her to be imprisoned if the Arbeitsamt were to find out about it. She and Tom have no children yet, but note that they understand the biology behind having them. They have traveled all over Europe: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, The Czech Republic, England, Scotland, Ireland, Turkey. They have skied in Austria, France, Italy and Switzerland; the Flagstaff Snow Bowl awaits them.

7 * M Research Group at Arizona State University