Last Updated: 11/14/2016

Allen Throop

University prior to coming to ASU: Colby College
Status at ASU: M.S., Geology, 1970

My family and myself
See 2016 photo under the tab “Pictures – 7*M People.” Allen’s two children are both Ph.D. scientists with ties to Arizona.

Henry is an astronomer with the Planetary Science Institute (PSI). Although PSI’s office is in Tucson, Henry has been living abroad for most of the last decade: first in Mexico City, then Pretoria (South Africa), and now Mumbai (India)… following his wife Heidi, who is a diplomat with the US State Department, and three kids. After ten years of planning, he spent the summer of 2015 in the US working on the New Horizons mission and its flyby of Pluto. When outside the US, he works remotely for PSI on a variety of NASA projects, involving the rings of Jupiter, dynamics of the outer solar system, and the formation environment of exoplanets. He’s taught a few courses and done a lot of guest lecturing to groups across the globe, including several days (and nights) with astronomy clubs in township schools in very rural South Africa. It is a curious coincidence that he met Ron and Cindy Greeley at a reception for planetary scientists attending an OPAG meeting (Outer Planets Assessment Group) in November 2008.

Heather is an ecosystem ecologist who is interested in global change impacts on biogeochemical processes. Her father’s stories of his time in Arizona helped interest her in doing postdoctoral research at University of Arizona. That experience left her fascinated with desert ecosystems. After nine years on the faculty at New Mexico State University, Heather moved to Arizona State University in 2016 where her position is split between the School of Earth and Space Exploration and the School of Life Sciences. Most of Heather’s current research projects are based in the southwestern United States, although she spent 2015 teaching in Namibia and conducting research along rainfall gradients in the Namib Desert and the Kalahari.


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