Last Updated: 1/24/2011

Jun Wu

Affiliation/Institution: Arizona State University
Email: junwu1@asu.edu

University prior to coming to ASU: Johns Hopkins University
Status at ASU: Postdoc
Time period at ASU: 2008 - present

My family and myself

I come from a small and lively town in eastern China, about 250 km to the west of Nanjing and 500 km to Shanghai. Over there live my dear parents and elder sister. Thanks to nowaday communication techniques, I talk to them almost every day. Personally I love music, and find myself unconsciously turning into a jazz fan during last two years. If you have any favorite piece of jazz music, I would desire to know that!

Academic Education
2004 - 2008: Ph.D., Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Johns Hopkins University
2002 - 2004: Master, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Johns Hopkins University
1999 - 2002: Master, School of Earth and Space Sciences, Peking University
1995 - 1999: Bachelor, China University of Geosciences in Beijing

Professional Experiences
2009 - present: Postdoctoral research associate, School of Earth and Space Exploration, Arizona State University (NSF project: "In-situ High-pressure Transmission Electron Microscopy Measurement")
2002 - 2008: Research and/or teaching assistant, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Johns Hopkins University (Thesis project: "Transmission Electron Microscopy Investigation of Microstructures in Phase-Transformed Alkali Feldspars")
2000 - 2001: Research assistant, Department of Geology, Peking University

Scientific Goal
As a professionally trained mineralogist and frequent TEM user, I have long hoped to introduce electron microscopy to in-situ high-pressure mineralogy and mineral physics. After earning my Ph.D., I decided to switch my research direction from surface to high-pressure mineralogy. Once that goal is achieved, the technique will enable high-pressure research to be upgraded to a finer spatial scale, as well as tranplanting the versatility of TEM (e.g., high-resolution imaging) to high-pressure research.

7 * M Research Group at Arizona State University