Last Updated: 1/12/2009 from 1997 Newsletter

Chris Xhoffer

Affiliation/Institution: OCAS V.N. Arcelor Mittal Research Centre Gent
Phone: + 9 346 52 10
Email: Chris.Xhoffer@Arcelor.com
  Fortstraat 10 
  Moerbeke-Waas   9180 Belgium
Web page: www.OCAS.be

University prior to coming to ASU: University of Antwerp
Status at ASU: Visitor
Time period at ASU: 1990

My family and myself
Husband/Wife: Ann Deweer: Human resourse manager
Children: Matthias 11 years Thomas 9 years
Since graduating or leaving ASU...  PhD in chemistry 1993 Married in 1993 Started to work at OCAS in 1993

Personal activities such as hobbies, memberships, etc  Windsurfing tennis ski rollerblading

Chris left the University of Antwerp (in the department of Prof. Van Grieken) three and half years ago. He now works in a Research Center for the Application of Steel (OCAS N.V.). Chris is in the chemistry group with official title of "Manager of Structure and Texture Analysis." He is responsible for all the practical aspects of structure analysis and texture measurements. His lab is well equipped for microanalysis measurements, e.g., XRD phase analysis (both normal and glancing incidence) (Siemens), XRD texture analysis (double goniometer) (Siemens), Scanning Auger Microlab with XPS and EDX attachments (VG), EPMA (EDX and 4 WDS spectrometers), TEM 2010 (JEOL) + Link-Oxford EDX detector + Scanning attachment and Image processor. Wet chemical analyses are performed on two ICP-MS instruments, one of which is designed for high-resolution work. Chris is responsible for both the XRD and TEM instruments in addition to the electrochemical tests. For the AES and EPMA, hes the second (back-up) operator. He finds it an interesting job since they deal with a variety of subjects and topics, e.g., internal support to the customer, technical support, development of new products, application technology, testing of coating products. Chris is married to Ann Deweer, and they are expecting a baby in May or June.


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