Last Updated: 2/19/2008

Johan de Villiers

Email: johandev@global.co.za

University prior to coming to ASU: University of Illinois
Status at ASU: Vistiing scientist
Time period at ASU: 1987; 1991 - 1992

My family and myself

-My wife's name is Marlene de Villiers - IT consultant

-2 Boys, Pieter -presently studying for a PhD in Electronic Engineering at Cambridge - also lecturer at University of Pretoria

Raoul - graduate of Stellenbosch (SA) and Fukuoka (Japan) Universities - presently consultant in Enterprise management

-Current Position - Professor in Department of Materials Science & Metallurgical Engineering, University of Pretoria

-Present Research: titanium processing, iron ore sintering reactions, X-ray powder diffraction applications, catalysis for synthetic fuels, silicon carbide properties for nuclear fuel applications.

-Part time farmer and private pilot.

-Contact information: Telephone Work: +27-12-420-2239

7 * M Research Group at Arizona State University