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Message to 7*Mers from Peter Buseck:

Welcome to the newsletter of the 7*M research group. Here you will find information about current and past members of the group as well as a few people who were affiliated in one way or another with 7*M (Click each name on the left for individual entries). If you are a former 7*M researcher and do not see an entry for yourself, please email me (pbuseck@asu.edu) or Susan Lowry (slowry@asu.edu).

The purpose is to provide brief summaries and a current email address of people who passed through this laboratory so you can know about your former friends and colleagues; it is also a good way to remain in touch with them.

In many instances, the newsletter contains information you provided. We can also upload up to two images with your entry.
If you did not send in recent information, then the newsletter contains material you provided for the 1997 letter - it’s been that long since the prior (printed) one! There are also people for whom no information is listed. If you are in contact with or have knowledge of such people, please invite them to email Susan or me. Also, in case you think of people who were overlooked in the listings, please either inform them or us, so the oversight can be corrected.

Please feel free to send suggestions about how the newsletter can be made more useful or interesting.

Note - Send images in the following formats, if possible, so your pictures will upload and display properly. If you need assistance, we can try to reformat your images to meet these requirements:

  • Maximum file size per image: 500 KB
  • File formats: gif and jpg
  • Resolution: 72 dpi (72 pixels/inch)
  • Maximum width per image: 3 inches

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