Research Group
Regents' Professor Peter R. Buseck
7*M Research Group

Front row, left to right:
Gongpu Zhao (Ph.D. - UNC-Chapel Hill) Postdoctoral Research Associate (China)
Weijun Li (MSc - U. Mining & Technology, Beijing) Visiting Research Scholar (China)
David Bell (Ph.D. - Caltech) Research Scientist (S. Africa)
Ran Liu, Graduate Teaching Assistant (China)

Back row, left to right:
Susan Lowry, Program Coordinator, office staff (Tempe)
Evelyn Freney (Ph.D. - U. Edinburgh) Postdoctoral Research Associate (Ireland)
Laurence Garvie (Ph.D. - U. Bristol) Collections Manager, Center for Meteorite Studies (UK)
Stephen Lehner (Ph.D. - Vanderbilt) Postdoctoral Research Associate (Tennessee)
Peter Buseck (Ph.D. - Columbia) Regents' Professor (Tempe)
Kouji Adachi (Ph.D. - Kobe U.) Postdoctoral Research Associate (Japan)
Mike Stevens (Ph.D. - Arizona State U.) Postdoctoral Research Assoicate (Mesa)


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