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Regents' Professor Peter R. Buseck
Alice Elizabeth Buseck, 9/28/1936 to 3/5/2011
After battling lymphoma cancer for over 3 1/2 years, my beloved wife and very best friend of 50+ years died at home on March 5, 2011. Many of you knew her as hostess at regular 7*M parties at our home. Also, many of you knew her as a mother of young children Lori, David, Susan, and Paul. She leaves behind those children, now adults, and their children. She lived a full and good life as mother, musician, community volunteer, lover of life, fun, and laughter and beloved by very many. Obituary Notice

1978 Nature paper by Mike O'Keefe, Sumio Iijima, and Peter cited as milestone in crystallography (ASU news release)

GoAmazon field campaign pics

Ellen Thomas receives 2013 American Women Geoscientists Professional Excellence Award and 2012 Maurice Ewing Medal (EOS article) (see details under Group Awards & Honors)

M&M symposium and mineral "buseckite" honoring Peter (pics)

Recent Newsletter entries: Elizabeth (Magno) Pangerl, Evelyn Freney, Bertrand Devouard,
Ellen Thomas
, John McNerney
Also see updates under Group Awards & Honors and Pictures - 7*M People

Mihály Pósfai at ASU as Visiting Professor

Research group members
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Exploring large-scale problems with
small-scale observations

The group is highly diverse, including chemists, physicists, and geologists, from many different regions of the world. In its early days, the 7*M research group's interests centered on meteorites, mercury geochemistry, microprobe analysis, and mineralogy, suggesting the possible name "4M group" (the asterisk was added simply for appearances and the research group was then called "4starM"). Since then, group members and visitors have added many new interests; we stopped counting at seven. The group is now known as "7starM".

Former 7*Mer in the News

Barbara Miner (7*M Ph.D. 1988) showing President Obama columns of atoms in a new aberration-corrected TEM. Barbara is manager of the INTEL TEM lab in Hillsboro, Oregon. (February 18, 2011)


Movies of some of our research

Click on the image to see a movie of an electron tomogram of diesel soot

Click on the image to see a movie of a tomogram of the Brenham pallasite meteorite
Click on the image to see a movie of an electron tomogram of synthetic magnetite crystals

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