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7*M Reunion at the Nanolab Inauguration
Vesprém, Hungary, October 2018
Peter with former 7*M group members at the opening ceremony for the Nanolab, a new TEM facility at the University of Pannonia. Left to right: István Dódony, Professor, University of Budapest; Michael Czank, Professor (retired), University of Kiel; Peter; Mihály Pósfai, Professor, University of Pannonia and founder of the Nanolab; Peti Neméth, Chemical Institute, Budapest; Rafal Dunin-Borkowski, Director of the Institute for Microstructure Research and the Ernst Ruska-Centre for Microscopy and Spectroscopy, Julich, Germany.
Mihály Pósfai (postdoc and visiting scientist 1992-94 and1996-98), founder of the Nanolab.
Mihály in nanolab facility
Mike Klosterman and Peter
September 2018

Mike (M.S., Geology, 1972) is the retired Chief Geologist of the US Army Corps of Engineers []. Mike's thesis, published in JGR, was on Structural analysis of olivine in pallasitic meteorites: Deformation in planetary interiors. His subsequent work as a geological engineer shows the interesting but unpredictable ways that careers can develop.
Zhejiang University
June 2018
Huifang Xu (postdoc 1993-97) and Weijun Li (visiting student 2007-09) during Huifang's visit to present talks at Weijun's new university.
7*M Members
March, 2018, During Péter Németh's visit to ASU
Jun Wu, Péter Németh, Laurence Garvie, Peter, Susan Lowry, Tom Sharp
Lake Balaton Conference, Hungary
Huifang Xu (postdoc 1993-97) and Mihály Pósfai (postdoc and visiting scientist 1992-94 and1996-98)

AGU, New Orleans
December, 2017

Kouji Adachi and Peter
South Africa
June-July, 2017
Peter and David Bell (research scientist 2002-14) outside Port Elizabeth
Johan de Villiers (visiting professor 1987, 1991-92) and Peter in Kruger National Park
Retirement party of Prof. Tomeoka
March, 2017
Kouji Adachi and Tomoka Kojima at the retirement party of Prof. Kazushige ("Kazu") Tomeoka in Kobe, Japan, March 2017 - several generations of 7*Mers!
November, 2016
Heather & Henry Throop, children of one of Peter's first graduate students. Heather is an Associate Professor in SESE, and Henry is an astronomer with the Planetary Science Institute (PSI) in Tucson
(details under Allen Throop in the 7*M Newsletter).
Visit with David Veblen in Waldoboro, Maine
May, 2016
Peter and Dave (postdoc 1976-79) on Waldoboro dock with lobster traps
Peter, Dave holding a guinnea fowl, and Linda, Dave's wife
Mihály Pósfai wins Széchenyi Prize
March, 2016

In March 2016 Mihály Pósfai won a Széchenyi Prize, which is awarded to “the greatest Hungarian minds alive today.” It is “the most prestigious state award in the sciences” and was given in a ceremony in the Parliament Building led by the President and the Prime Minister of Hungary. This picture shows the ceremony hall.
A recumbent Mihály proudly displaying the Széchenyi Prize statue in front of him.
Tapolca, Hungary

This picture was taken in 2000 in the town of Tapolca, where we went to collect magnetic bacteria. It shows Peter, two friends of Mihály, Mihály, Rafal, Bertrand Devouard, and Richard Frankel. It was cold and rainy, but Mihály is in shorts because he had to go into the water to get the bacteria.

PacChem meeting, Hawaii
December, 2015

Kouji Adachi and Weijun Li
GSA, Baltimore
Session Honoring Dave Veblen
November, 2015
Peter and Dave Veblen (postdoc 1976-79)
Huifang Xu (postdoc 1993-97), Peter, and Dave Veblen
Jeff Post (grad student, 1981 Ph.D.) and Peter
Note the small miners in the mineral specimen between them
Peter and Don Miser (postdoc 1988-90)
Alaska, July 2015
Jerry Van Kooten (7*M from 1973 to 1975) and Peter at the Russian River, Kenai Peninsula, AK
AGU, San Francisco
December, 2014
Kouji Adachi, Peter, and Gary Scott (7*M undergraduate assistant 1964-69)
Kouji Adachi, Peter, and Li Jia
GoAmazon field campaign, Amazonia, Brazil
First Intensive Operating Period (IOP) February 1 to March 30, 2014
Kouji Adachi and Peter on sampling tower at ZF2 site in jungle
Peter and Kouji Adachi at ZF2 site

AGU, San Francisco
December, 2013

Péter Németh, Steve Lehner, Kouji Adachi, Jun Wu, (Zhili Gui), Peter, (Emily), (Kevin), Li Jia
DOE Biomass Burning Observation Project (BBOP) field campaign
July, 2013
Kouji Adachi and Peter in airplane hanger at Pasco, Washington

Microscopy & Microanalysis 2012 Conference
Phoenix Convention Center
7*M group at dinner honoring Peter held at ASU, August 2, 2012

Almost 20% of the students and postdocs that came through the lab attended (a couple are "ringers").
Front: Jun Wu, Joe Goldstein, Steve Lehner, Dawn Janney, Shirley Turner, Peter, Barbara Minor, Ed Holdsworth, John Armstrong. Back: Tom Sharp, Mihály Pósfai, Susan Lowry, Rafal Dunin-Borkowski, Roy Christoffersen, Tom Zega, Craig Johnson, Lindsey Keller, Laurence Garive, Heiner Friedrich, Péter Németh, Taiga Okumura, Mike O'Keefe
Early Ph.D. student John Armstrong making introductory remarks at dinner.

International Symposium on Aerosol Studies Explored by Electron Microscopy
Tsukuba, Japan
February 16-17, 2012

Kazu Tomeoka, Kouji Adachi, (server), (Yuki Adachi), Peter, Tomoko Kojima, Weijun Li
Talk at Peking University, also given at symposium in Japan and other universities in China

Kazushige Tomeoka Award
Tokyo, Japan
December, 2011

Kazu received a prestigious award from the Geochemical Research Association in Japan for his
"Studies on the origin and evolution of the primitive meteorites by analytical electron microscopy and experimental methods." The photo was taken at the award ceremony in Tokyo.

Evelyn's visit to ASU
December, 2011

Jun Wu, Steve Lehner, Laurence Garvie, (Pierre Garnaud), Evelyn Freney
(iPhone photo)

AGU, San Francisco
December, 2011
Jun Wu, Evelyn Freney, Peter, Li Jia
(Zhili Gui), Jun Wu, Evelyn Freney, Peter, Li Jia, (Tingting), (Xiangxiang)
ASU Center for Meteorite Studies 50th Anniversary Symposium
Tempe, AZ, October 21-22, 2011
Laurence Garvie, Thomas Zega, David Bell, Peter, Stephen Lehner, Thomas Sharp
Mihály's partner Eva with Peter in the Austrian Alps
July, 2011
(Photographer: Mihály Pósfai)
Barbara Miner (7*M Ph.D. 1988) showing President Obama columns of atoms in a new
aberration-corrected TEM. Barbara is manager of the INTEL TEM lab in Hillsboro, Oregon.
(February 18, 2011) For additional photos, search Google for "Barbara Miner Obama."

International Mineralogical Association, Budapest, Hungary
7*M Dinner, August 23, 2010

Johan de Villiers, Bertrand Devouard, Fernando Cámera, István Dódony, Gisela Czank, Michael Czank, Peter, Lindsay Keller, Péter Németh
Michael Czank, Peter, Lindsay Keller, Péter Németh, Marlene de Villiers (with camera), Johan de Villiers, Bertrand Devouard, Fernando Cámara, Mihály Pósfai
Johan de Villiers, Bertrand Devouard, Fernando Cámara, István Dódony, Gisela and Michael Czank, Peter, Lindsay Keller, Péter Németh, Marlene de Villiers (back)

István Dódony, Rafal Dunin-Borkowski, Michael Czank

AGU, San Francisco
December, 2009
Kouji Adachi, Peter, Li Jia, (Tingting), (Zhili Gui)
Kouji Adachi, Jun Wu
Kouji Adachi, Peter, Li Jia, (Tingting)
7*M Group
December, 2007
Susan Lowry, Evelyn Freney, Laurence Garvie, Steve Lehner, Peter, Kouji Adachi, Mike Stevens; Front: Gongpu Zhao, Weijun Li, David Bell, Ran Liu

7*M Hike, Wet Beaver Creek, near Sedona
October, 2007
Kouji Adachi, Peter, (friend), Gongpu Zhao, Steve Lehner

 Kouji Adachi, (friend), Steve Lehner, Peter


Gongpu Zhao, (friend), Kouji Adachi, Steve Lehner, Peter

7*M Group
March, 2007

Gongpu Zhao, Laurence Garvie, Evelyn Freney, Peter, David Bell, Mike Stevens, Susan Lowry; Front: Kouji Adachi, Shunyu Cheng, Melanie Channon, Chipepo Mugala

Peter, David Bell, Mike Stevens,
Shunyu Cheng, Evelyn Freney, Kouji Adachi
Peter, Kouji Adachi, Shunyu Cheng,
David Bell
David Bell, Melanie Channon
Kouji Adachi, Peter

Magnetic Interactions 2007 Conference
University of Cambridge, U.K.
January, 2007

Peter and Alice Buseck, Mihály Pósfai, István Dódony
Gary Scott (ASU, 1969), Peter
Michael Czank Retirement Party
University of Kiel, Germany
April, 2006
Michael Czank, Peter
Michael and Gisela Czank, Alice and Peter
Michael Czank

19 General Meeting of the International Mineralogical Association (IMA)
Kobe, Japan
July, 2006

Peter, Kazu and Yuko Tomeoka
(Keiko Nakamura-Messenger), Lindsay Keller, Tomoko Kojima, (Scott Messenger), Peter, Kazu Tomeoka
Lindsay Keller, Peter, Kazu Tomeoka
Visit to Rafal Dunin-Borkowski at Cambridge University
Sitting: from right to left, Mihály Pósfai, Takeshi Kasamai, and Peter; standing: Caterina Ducati on far right and Ed Simpson between Takeshi and Peter (photographer: Rafal)

AGU, San Francisco

Peter, Li Jia
7*M Group
May, 2004
Peter, David Bell, Jacob Spinsby, Laurence Garvie, Heiner Friedrich,
Craig Johnson, István Dódony, Matt Wise; Front: Laura van Poppel,
Trudi Semeniuk, Tomoko Kojima, Susan Lowry
7*M Group
Soame Banerji, Dawn Janney, Susan Lowry, Tom Zega, Li Jia, Dana Perry,
Dante Lauretta, István Dódony, Hua Xin, Peter; Seated: (Peter Perry), Laurence Garvie
7*M Group
Peter, Peter Davies, Mark Germani, Donna Colletta, Jim Clark,
Cherie Klobcar, Clarence Menninga

Jeff Post, Shirley Turner, Kazu Tomeoka, Steve Kissin, Roy Christoffersen,
Gerard Spinnler, Jenny Needham


Gary Aden, Dave Cater, Francois, Peter Self, Jeff Post, Shirley Turner,
Kazu Tomeoka, Steve Kissin, Roy Christoffersen, Gerard Spinnler

Jerome Instrument Corp.
John McNerney is in the classy sun glasses, with wife Iris on his right. He is surrounded by the JIC staff in front of the company offices in the old Jerome High School. For details, see John's 7*M Newsletter entry. Although hard to read, the sign has the JIC emblem and name Jerome Instrument Corp. The sign was made by another local woodworker and a friend of John's still has it.
The photo is courtesy of Diane Rappaport.

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